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A Message from the Director

My Pageant History

On a trip to Dallas in the spring of 1967, I was first introduced into the world of pageantry. My 3 year old niece was participating in a local pageant. I wasn’t expecting to see such talent and poise. I was surprised, real talent by girls no older than 12 years. It was amazing, and since I had a 3 year old daughter myself, I thought we needed this in Arkansas so that I could let her compete. It was the original Children’s Pageant, founded by Marge Hannaman of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Marge later contacted me and came to spend the weekend with me talking about the pageant and introducing me to it. As it ended, I became the Arkansas State Director in 1968. I have cherished the memories of taking our winners on educational tours in exciting places like Niagara Falls, Miami’s Fontainebleau, Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Hawaii, Bahamas, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, and many other exciting cities.

When we started in Arkansas with the first children’s pageant, it was definitely something no one had ever heard of before. Throughout my career I have worked with outstanding people and had wonderful opportunities. When Griff O’Neil was with Miss Universe, I received a letter from them asking me to take the Arkansas Miss Universe pageant. I respectfully declined since my interest was definitely in children’s pageants.

My Family and the creation of International Girl

As they say when one door closes, another one opens. I learned many philosophies from Marge that are still in place today. With the help of Dianna and David, we launched International Girl. A three tier International Pageant, we offer preliminary, regional, state and International Competitions. International Girl features honesty, integrity and every competition is staged the same. From our preliminary pageants to the International Competition, International Girl holds the highest level of pageantry where excellence has always been a tradition.

Will you be an International Girl?

International Girl is a family affair! From our National Staff to our Directors and Supporters We offer a supportive environment for girls and young women so they may gain self-confidence, build self-esteem, personal growth, talent and public speaking. International Girl provides a platform for girls and young women to express themselves in interviews, talent and onstage appearances. Each girl is able to reach her own goals and interact comfortably with others, learning the necessary skills to have a successful life. International Girl participants are honor roll students and leaders in their communities.

International Girl participants make memories that last a lifetime! From seeing old pageant friends to making new ones, our participants look forward to the arrival of the International Pageant! We offer fun rehearsals, activities and optional competitions during the International Pageant to allow for girls and young women who are shy or nervous, an opportunity to practice their talent routine or modeling. A Talent Pageant, International Girl promotes talent in our participants. Beginning at age 7, contestants must have a talent to compete in the official competition.

Our Directors and supporters promote teamwork, an appreciation for family, and personal achievement. Most importantly we want every contestant who competes in International Girl to return home with a new sense of self-confidence, self-worth and memories that will last a lifetime!

The Advantages of Becoming a Director

Now is the time to become a director for International Girl! By joining the International Girl Team of Directors, you will provide not only a great program for many families to enjoy and to make great memories in, but you will also become a great leader in your community. You will also enjoy many benefits, including trips, incentives, retreats, and bonuses. International Girl has a tradition of excellence that no other youth development program can surpass. We are dedicated to providing young ladies early training in grooming, social graces, talent, and educational values, granting them the opportunity to excel and obtain their goals. Don't hesitate, become a part of International Girl now!

Parent Talent

Preliminary and State Director Operations Manual

By becoming a director with International Girl, we will work with you to help you become the best director in your area. Our manual gives you step-by-step information that will help you organize and direct your own pageant.

Advertising and Program Tools

With International Girl, you will receive all the necessary tools to advertise your pageant. We provide professional brochures, program book covers, and advertising supplements to help you continue our tradition of excellence.

Pageant Awards Package

Our preliminary awards are another amazing item that International Girl can offer. You are provided with all the information and materials necessary to make your pageant a successful one. With custom crowns and awards, pageant handbooks, program covers, and brochures, International Girl makes it very simple for you to turn your pageant into a great success.

International Office

International Girl believes in supporting our team members. If you have a question about paperwork or if you require information regarding your kit, our national office is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Social Media Support

Our social media sites and websites are great tools for getting the information that you need. With your own professionally designed web page, you will be able to announce upcoming events and feature pageant highlights, national and state information, message boards, and pictures of all the fun activities that the IG girls participate in.

Rebate Program

Directing has always been fun, but we understand that everyday costs are often involved. Directors of International Girl are presented with a great incentive package that meets the standards of today's competitive market.

International Pageant Staff

We believe that a successful program starts with its directors. Thus, we provide a network of staff members ready to assist you with your pageant. New this season, our National Recruiters will be available to assist with your entire pageant, from A to Z. And, as usual, whether you need sound technicians, backstage crew, or MCs, International Girl staff members will be happy to assist whenever and wherever they can.

International Girl Executive Team

International Girl is a highly recognized youth development program throughout the country! Our program is dedicated to providing the highest form of excellence in children's pageantry. We are a family-based organization that strives to produce top-notch youth pageants while maintaining a positive family environment for everyone involved. Join the International Girl Team of Directors and continue the tradition of excellence!

Executive Director
Norma Prickett

Director of Operations
David Nelson

Dianna Prickett

Evana Martinez

Jackie Scott

Jeri Kay Hammonds

Dustin Hamm

Brittany Harrell Brannon